2d edition of the AO for ELT conference, Victoria, 25-30 sept. 2011

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AO4ELT2 conference photo (credits Dennis Crabtree, HIA)

After the success of the first edition of the adaptive optics for the extremely large telescopes (AO4ELT) conference organized by Observatoire de Paris (LESIA and GEPI) and ONERA in the framework of their Phase parternship, the NRC Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics and the University of Victoria has joined the AO4ELT organization to settle the second edition of the AO4ELT conference.

The conference took place in Victoria, Canada BC, between September 25 and 30, 2011, and encountered the same success as the first edition: 179 international experts in adaptive optics and related topics registered and attended to the conference.

As many as 134 submissions have been received, and reviewed by the Science Organizing Committee. Compared to the 103 contributions of the first edition of the AO4ELT conference, this demonstrates the increasing interest of the community in adaptive optics for the future extremely large telescopes.

Based on the SOC evaluations and taking into account the available oral slots, the program was made of 68 contributed talks and 66 posters, in addition to the 13 invited talks.

Talks were organized in the following sessions:

- Astronomy with AO

- AO instruments and pathfinders

- Wavefront correctors

- Wave-front sensing

- Laser guide star systems

- Atmospheric turbulence and other AO disturbances

- AO real-time control

- AO modeling and post-processing

A third edition of the conference is planned in Europe in 2013: stay tuned !

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AO4ELT2 conference poster