The ARGOS wavefront sensor pnCCD camera for an ELT: characteristics, limitations and applications


G. Orban de Xivry(1), S. Ihle(2), J. Ziegleder(1), L. Barl(1), R. Hartmann(2), S. Rabien(1), H. Soltau(2), L. Strueder(3)


(1) MPE, Giessenbachstrasse, 85748 Garching, Germany (2) PNSensor GmbH, Roemerstrasse 28, 80803 Muenchen, Germany (3) MPI Halbleiterlabor, Muenchen, Germany


From low-order to high-order AO, future wave front sensors on ELTs require large, fast, and low-noise detectors with high quantum efficiency and low dark current. While a detector for a high-order Shack-Hartmann WFS does not exist yet, the current CCD technology pushed to its limits already provides several solutions for the ELT AO detector requirements. One of these devices is the new WFS pnCCD camera of ARGOS, the Ground-Layer Adaptive Optics system (GLAO) for LUCIFER at LBT. Indeed, with its 264x264 pixels, 48 mu m pixel size and 1kHz frame rate, this camera provides a technological solution to different needs of the AO systems for ELTs, such as low-order but as well possibly higher order correction using pyramid wavefront sensing. In this contribution, we present the newly developped WFS pnCCD camera of ARGOS and how it fulfills future detector needs of AO on ELTs.

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