Practical experience with AO PSF reconstruction at the Keck and Gemini telescopes


Laurent Jolissaint Chris Neyman Peter Wizinowich Julian Christou


aquilAOptics W.M. Keck Foundation W.M. Keck Foundation Gemini Observatory


Estimating the point spread function across the imaged field, for a given AO run, is critical for AO data reduction. In this talk I will describe our recent progress (Summer 2011) on PSF reconstruction for the Gemini North (ALTAIR) and Keck NGS based AO systems. I will shortly re-introduce the basic theory, but will put the emphasize on practical implementation issues we are facing at this two facilities, in particular how we handle and determine/calibrate the non-turbulent aberrations (telescope, instrument optics) whose amplitude can be as large as the turbulent aberrations.

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