Monitoring of the atmospheric turbulence profiles for thespecification of ELTs adaptive optics systems


Aziz Ziad, Julien Borgnino, François Martin, Jérôme Maire, Erick Bondoux, Jean-Baptiste Daban, Richard Douet, Yan Fanteï-Caujolle et Alex Robini


Laboratoire H. Fizeau-UMR 6525 Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis


The futures large telescopes will be certainly equipped with Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics systems. The optimization of the performances of these techniques requires a precise specification of the different components of these systems. Major of these technical specifications are related to the atmospheric turbulence particularly the structure constante of the refractive index Cn2 and the outer scale L0. New techniques for the monitoring of the Cn2 and L0 profiles with high vertical resolution will be presented.

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