The SCAO module of the E-ELT adaptive optics imaging camera MICADO


Clénet (1), Y.; Bernardi, P. (1); Chapron, F. (1); Gendron, E. (1); Rousset, G. (1); Hubert, Z. (1); Davies, R. (2); Thiel, M. (2); Tromp, N. (3)


(1) LESIA ; (2) MPE ; (3) ASTRON


MICADO is the wide-field imaging camera selected for first-light of the E-ELT. It should be coupled to the MCAO module MAORY. In addition to this wide-field correction, the MICADO team has worked on a SCAO system to provide on-axis AO correction during the first years of MICADO operation.

We will present the results of the study of this SCAO system, from the opto-mechanical point of view as well as from the AO performance point of view

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