LBT AO on-sky results


S. Esposito, A. Riccardi, L. Fini, E. Pinna, A. Puglisi, F. Quiros, M. Xompero, R. Briguglio, L. Busoni, P. Stefanini, C. Arcidiacono. G. Brusa (*), D. Miller (*)


INAF/Arcetri (*) LBTO


The first LBT natural Guide Star Adaptive Optics system (FLAO#1) has been commissioned between May 2010 and June 2011. The system uses two key components namely the adaptive secondary mirror with 672 actuators and the pyramid sensor with up to 30x30 subapertures. During on sky commissioning the system reached very high performance for an 8m class telescope. FWHM of 40mas and Strehl ratio higher than 90% have been measured in H band images together with contrast as high as 10^-4 at 0.4 arcsec off axis.The paper describes the results achieved during commissioning. The scaling of these results to the ELT case will be briefly discussed.

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