Next generation AO system of Subaru Telescope


Y. Hayano


Subaru Telescope, NAOJ


A laser guide star adaptive optics system with 188 elements is under commissioning at Subaru Telescope. The system has been opened to every astronomer with risk from July, 2011. In parallel, we have started a conceptual study of the next generation AO system for Subaru Telescope. Based on the analysis of the line-up of other instruments at Subaru Telescope, such as Hyper Supreme Camera and Prime Focus Spectrograph, the wide coverage of field of view is the most important characteristics for our next generation AO system. Secondly, a wide field AO at 8-m class telescope will be still competitive at the era of extreme large telescopes. A conceptual study of a ground-layer AO and multi-object AO at Subaru Telescope is introduced in this presentation. It includes performance simulation of both GLAO and MOAO with Subaru Telescope and expected gain in sensitivity and angular resolution for various astronomical targets. Instruments, which match well to a wide field AO system, in infrared wavelength are introduced as well.

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