AO Real-time Control Systems for the ELT Era


N.A.Dipper, A.Basden, D.Geng, E.J.Younger


CfAI, Durham University


Adaptive Optics systems for instruments on the next generation of astronomical telescopes will be of a significantly higher order than those for existing systems. The requirements for processing power for real-time computers to control such systems will be substantial and may well not be met by the simple application of the next generation of CPU based computers. We present here an overview of the various designs for future real-time computer systems that are being investigated at Durham involving the acceleration (or replacement) of CPU systems by GPU and FPGA based hardware. We address the ongoing argument of which of these technologies should be employed for which applications. We present our plans for the testing of these technologies both in the laboratory and on-sky in the CANARY AO demonstrator at the 4m William Herschel Telescope, along with initial results.

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