Vibration control of ELTs


J.-U. Pott and the LINC-NIRVANA team


Max-Planck-Institute of Astronomy (MPIA), Heidelberg, Germany


MPIA is the PI institute of the MCAO-supported Fizeau imager LINC-NIRVANA at the LBT, and a partner of the E-ELT first light NIR imager MICADO (both SCAO and MCAO assisted). LINC-NIRVANA is a true pathfinder for future ELT-AO imagers both in terms of size and technology. I will present our vibration control strategies, involving accelerometer based real-time vibration measurements, feedforward and feedback optical path control, predictive filtering, vibration sensitive active control of actuators, and the development of a dynamical model of the entire telescope. Our experiences, made with LINC-NIRVANA, will be fed into the MICADO structural AO design to reach highest on-sky sensitivity.

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