ETKF : Optimal Control Law for the Adaptive Optics of the E-ELT


Morgan GRAY Brice LE ROUX


LAM / OAMP / University of Provence


Adaptive Optics systems require the implementation of techniques intended for real time identification of atmospheric turbulence. Nowadays there are several approaches. One of them is using the Kalman Filter and presents numerous advantages at the level of optimal control. However it will be impossible to install this process within the frame of an AO system for any ELT class telescope because of the quantitative leap in the number of parameters and consequently the quantitative leap in the cost in real time processes. First of all, I will briefly present some backgrounds about using the Kalman Filter for AO system. Then I will continue by the description of Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter in order to obtain an optimal control law with a huge number of parameters : I will explain the theoritical equation, the numerical costs, the advantages of this new method and the first results of simulations.

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