Conference program

Sunday 25 September
20h00 Welcome cocktail  
Monday 26 September
08h45 Welcome from chairs  
Astronomy with AO
09h00 Pushing the limits of astronomy with AO on ELTs (invited) Luc SIMARD
09h30 Challenges for Doing Quantitative Astronomy with ELTs (invited) Matthias SCHOECK
10h00 Science Driven AO Performance Metrics Richard DAVIES
10h20 NFIRAOS High-Contrast Exoplanet Imaging Capabilities Christian MAROIS
10h40 Break  
11h10 The extragalactic heritage of the Layer-Oriented MAD at VLT. Renato FALOMO
11h30 Testing the limits of AO: near diffraction limited astronomy in the red optical Matthias TECZA
11h50 Science Requirements for EAGLE (E-ELT) Jean-gabriel CUBY
12h10 Lunch  
AO instruments and pathfinders
13h30 The TMT Adaptive Optics Program (invited) Brent ELLERBROEK
14h00 Toward the Adaptive Optics for the 40 m class European ELT (invited) Norbert HUBIN
14h30 Review of the GMT AO program (invited) Antonin BOUCHEZ
15h00 Advancements in adaptive optics technology: micro deformable mirrors and laser guidestars for the next generation of extremely large telescopes Donald GAVEL
15h20 Poster session  
16h20 LBT AO on-sky results (invited) Simone ESPOSITO
16h50 Towards MOAO on the ELT: the CANARY program (invited) Eric GENDRON
17h20 MOAO design, specificities and performance for EAGLE, the high resolution multi-object spectrograph for the E-ELT Thierry FUSCO
17h40 RAVEN, a Multi-Object Adaptive Optics technology and science demonstrator David ANDERSEN
18h00 End of the day  
Tuesday 27 September
AO instruments and pathfinders (continuation)
09h00 Palm-3000 on-sky results (invited) Richard DEKANY
09h30 Extreme is the new normal: lessons from 8-m ExAO for ELT regular AO (invited) Bruce MACINTOSH
10h00 Integration, tests and laboratory performance of SAXO, the VLT-SPHERE extreme AO system Cyril PETIT
10h20 On-sky demonstration of focal plane wavefront sensing and quasi-static speckle suppression Matthew KENWORTHY
10h40 Break  
11h10 Direct imaging of habitable planets with ELTs Olivier GUYON
11h30 EPICS: XAO coronagraphic imaging of exoplanets with the E-ELT Markus KASPER
11h50 Getting the most out of mid-IR on the E-ELT with the METIS Adaptive Optics system Remko STUIK
12h10 Lunch  
13h30 Gemini South MCAO on-sky results (invited) Francois RIGAUT
14h00 NFIRAOS — Multiconjugate AO System for TMT Glen HERRIOT
14h20 The E-ELT Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics module Emiliano DIOLAITI
14h40 Novel Adaptive Optics on the Pathway to ELTs: MCAO with LINC-NIRVANA on LBT Thomas HERBST
15h00 HARMONI - the first light integral field spectrograph for the E-ELT Niranjan THATTE
15h20 Poster session  
16h40 Laser Tomographic AO system for an Integral Field Spectrograph on the E-ELT : the ATLAS project Thierry FUSCO
17h00 Design of the Laser Tomography Adaptive Optics System for the Giant Magellan Telescope Rodolphe CONAN
17h20 Pathfinders to ELT AO at W.M. Keck Observatory Peter WIZINOWICH
17h40 GLAO4ELT: trade study and SAM experience Andrei TOKOVININ
18h00 End of the day  
19h00 Conference dinner  
Wednesday 28 September
Wavefront correctors
09h00 Thin Shell Manufacturing for large Wavefront correctors Eric RUCH
09h20 Preliminary design status of the M4AU based on piezo-stack technology Bruno CREPY
09h40 Contactless Large Deformable Mirrors: ELT AO corrector technology available now Roberto BIASI
10h00 Advancement of Piezo-Staked DM technology at CILAS Jean-Christophe SINQUIN
10h20 MEMS Deformable Mirrors in Astronomical AO Paul BIERDEN
10h40 Break  
Wave-front sensing
11h00 A decadal survey of AO wavefront sensing detector developments in Europe Philippe FEAUTRIER
11h20 OCAM2: world’s fastest and most sensitive camera system for advanced Adaptive Optics wavefront sensing Jean-Luc GACH
11h40 Pyramids, layers and no laser guide stars! Roberto RAGAZZONI
12h00 Lunch  
13h20 LGS WFS on ELTs I: Wave Front Sensor Design & Analysis Nicolas MULLER
13h40 LGS WFS on ELTs II: Impact of the sodium layer fluctuations Sandrine THOMAS
14h00 Experimental validation of the linearized focal-plane technique (LIFT) Serge MEIMON
14h20 Tomographic phase diversity for phase retrieval on wide-field AO systems Damien GRATADOUR
14h40 A pyramid sensor based AO system for Extremely Large Telescopes Fernando QUIROS-PACHECO
15h00 Poster session  
16h30 SPHERE non-common path aberrations measurement and pre-compensation with optimized phase diversity processes: experimental results Jean-Francois SAUVAGE
16h50 A sensitivity comaparison between the non-linear curvature wavefront sensor and the Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor in broadand. Mala MATEEN
17h10 Laboratory results for speckle suppression with a self-coherent camera. Pierre BAUDOZ
17h30 Post-coronagraphic wave-front sensing dedicated to exoplanet detection Jean-Francois SAUVAGE
17h50 Phase correction of segment diffraction for high-contrast imaging Laurent PUEYO
18h10 End of the day  
Thursday 29 September
Laser guide star systems
09h00 Properties and dynamics of mesospheric sodium and the impact on sodium LGS AO systems (invited) Thomas PFROMMER
09h30 Gemini Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics (GeMS) Laser Guide Star Facility Commissioning Results Celine DORGEVILLE
09h50 Rayleigh scattering, Fratricide effect and spot elongation: first on-sky results with GeMS Benoit NEICHEL
10h10 Real-time measurement of the Na layer profile for tomographic reconstruction: experimental results and its application to the E-ELT case Iciar MONTILLA
10h30 Break  
11h00 ARGOS - the Laser Star Adaptive Optics for LBT Sebastian RABIEN
11h20 The Four-Laser Guide Star Facility (4LGSF) for the ESO VLT Adaptive Optics Facility (AOF) Domenico BONACCINI CALIA
11h40 Design and Performance of Raman Fiber Amplifier Based 589-nm Guide Star Lasers for ESO VLT and Their Suitability for Future ELT AO Systems Vladimir KARPOV
12h00 Lunch  
Atmospheric turbulence and other AO disturbances
13h30 ELT Site Characterization for AO, the Tools and the Results (invited) Marc SARAZIN
14h00 Optical turbulence forecast with non-hydrostatical mesoscale models Elena MASCIADRI
14h20 Impact of the Cn² description on Wide Field AO performance Anne COSTILLE
14h40 First results on a Cn2 profiler for GeMS Angela CORTES
15h00 Producing Large Synthetic Turbulence Plates using MRF Polishing Jean-Pierre VERAN
15h20 Poster session  
AO real-time control
16h50 Are integral controllers adapted to the new era of ELT adaptive optics? (invited) Jean-Marc CONAN
17h20 Performance of MCAO on the E-ELT using the Fractal Iterative Method for fast atmospheric tomography Michel TALLON
17h40 A Kaczmarz type iterative reconstructor for Multi Conjugate Adaptive Optics Ronny RAMLAU
18h00 End of the day  
Friday 30 September
AO real-time control (continuation)
09h00 Vibration Suppression Algorithms for NFIRAOS on TMT Carlos CORREIA
09h20 Efficient control schemes with limited computation complexity for Tomographic AO systems on VLTs and ELTs Cyril PETIT
09h40 Real-time control developments for the CANARY MOAO instrument at Durham Alastair BASDEN
10h00 Latest Ground Layer Adaptive Optics results and advancements in Laser Tomography implementation at the 6.5m MMT telescope Eduardo BENDEK
10h20 Break  
11h00 Experimental comparison of Wide Field AO control schemes using the Homer AO bench. Amélie PARISOT
11h20 Identification of system misregistrations during AO-corrected observations Clémentine BECHET
11h40 The Slope-Oriented Hadamard scheme for in-lab or on-sky interaction matrix calibration Serge MEIMON
12h00 Lunch  
AO modeling and post-processing
13h30 Tip-tilt sensing strategies for the GMT laser tomography adaptive optics system Marcos VAN DAM
13h50 Analysis of the Improvement in Sky coverage for TMT NFIRAOS Lianqi WANG
14h10 Practical experience with AO PSF reconstruction at the Keck and Gemini telescopes Laurent JOLISSAINT
14h30 Laser-Guide Star Point-Spread Function Reconstruction for ELTs Carlos CORREIA
14h50 Point Spread Function Reconstruction for Laser Guide Star Multi Conjugate Adaptive Optics Systems on Extremely Large Telescopes Luc GILLES
15h10 Break  
15h40 Numerical simulations of an Extreme AO system for an ELT
16h00 SPHERE: Confronting in-lab performance with system analysis predictions Kjetil DOHLEN
16h20 Achieving High Contrasts Through Speckle Rejection With Slicer Based Integral Field Spectrographs Graeme SALTER
16h40 Myopic exoplanet detection algorithm based on an analytical model of AO-corrected coronagraphic multi-spectral imaging. Marie YGOUF
17h00 End of the conference  

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